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Ceo & Founder  TB Enterprises

July 19-20 2019

Tenisha Bibbs

Behind The BEAUTi.℠ Experience is a two-day, life-changing event for women from all walks of life.  This unforgettable event will be the perfect catalyst for helping women go further than skin deep and find life BEHIND THE BEAUTi!  Women will embrace the true beauti that can only be found by refocusing, releasing, reevaluating, and most importantly, relaxing. 

Dr. Oliver T. Reid
Jonathan Miles
Donna Aikins
Kriostle Pierce
Angela Francis-Phillips
Harralyn Swinger Rawls
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Attendees of Behind The BEAUTi Experience Conference will leave with:

  • ​A comprehensible insight into budgeting proficiency and financial development. 

  • A networking community asset, consisting of successful, like-minded individuals.

  • An advanced understanding of relationships and how to discover your True BEAUTi.

  • A strategy on how to build wealth and a procedure for maintaining a sensible income.

  • Tips on "Building Healthy Relationships" that are well established and universally effective.

July 19-20 2019

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